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Living Yoga Online

Access your Agni - Light Your Inner Fire
Living Yoga Fire Flow (in English)

Montag - Freitag

9. bis 13. Januar 2023

06:30 - 07:30 CEST / MESZ (05:30 Uhr Start UK)

ONLINE über Zoom


Einmaliges Silvester-Special!


5 Tage voller feuriger Übungen der Living Yoga Method, um ins neue Jahr zu starten. Spendenbasis - Bezahle wie du fühlst/kannst - vom 1.08€ bis 108€.

Buchung über oder klicken Sie auf die Buchungsseite.

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Living Yoga Flow (in English)

Mondays 19:30 - 20:45 CEST / MESZ


15€ drop-in per 75 minute session

75€ per 5-Week Block


For regular practitioners of the LYM or those who have completed an Introduction to Living Yoga Course.

*To be used in consecutive weeks, within a defined 40-day period. (The only exception to this is when you advise of planned missed sessions at the time of booking and paying for your block.)

We practice in bare feet and comfortable clothing.

Advanced Breath work Session (in English)

Mondays 20:45 - 21:15 CEST / MESZ


This is a breath-focused meditation session, incorporating various Pranayama (breathing) techniques. To be booked only as a follow-on from a Living Yoga Flow practice. For regular practitioners of the LYM.

7€ drop-in per 30 minute session

Regular practitioners of the LYM Online also gain access to the video library, for home viewing at your own leisure! That means you can choose a video and practice a guided session from your living room or wherever you take your yoga mat!

Introduction to Living Yoga (in English)

ONLINE Beginners course Via Zoom

55€ per Course

4 x 75 minute live online sessions with Hannah in which you will learn specific groups of yoga practices including:  yoga postures, breath work and deep relaxation.

This course in English.

Includes downloadable PDF guidance on the practices included in our sessions.

We practice in bare feet.


Living Yoga Online-Preise

Drop-in Living Yoga Flow 75 Minuten = 15€ pro Sitzung

5-er Block Living Yoga Flow = 75€ (gültig für Online- und Live-Sessions)

Drop-in Combo - Flow + Atemarbeit = 15€+7€= 22€ pro Woche

10-Wochen Combo Block Flow + Atemarbeit = 180€ (10 Wochen kaufen, eine gratis dazu)

* Fortgeschrittene Atemarbeitspraktiken erfordern im Allgemeinen eine gute Grundlage in Living Yoga Flow.

Probieren Sie Living Yoga aus, indem Sie zuerst den Einführungskurs in Living Yoga buchen. Dann ist eine gute Erdung im Living Yoga Flow erforderlich, bevor die Arbeit mit dem Fortgeschrittenen Atem stattfindet.

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